Electro-Metrics Introduces the New EM-6945 “Vector” 500 MHz – 25 GHz Log Periodic Antenna

Electro-Metrics is proud to introduce the EM-6945 “Vector” Log Periodic Antenna. The “Vector” covers 500 MHz to 25 GHz in a small, rugged, deployable package. This new passive antenna features the uncompromising performance you’ve come to expect from Electro-Metrics. The all-new “Vector” has its gain and efficiency peaked for greatest directional sensitivity over the operating frequency range. With nominal gains of 5 to 8 dBi, “Vector” is the ideal handheld device for acquiring a LOB on transmitters, SIGINT, or any multi-band communications application, requiring a small directional antenna.

Electro-Metrics designs antennas and related RF equipment used in numerous government and industrial applications including EMI, TSCM and SIGINT. An innovator in specialized antennas and kits, Electro-Metrics is the choice for optimal mission specific solutions. All Electro-Metrics products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

For more information on Electro-Metrics EM-6945 “Vector”, and all of the Electro-Metrics products, visit our website at www.electro-metrics.com.