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Electro-Metrics Introduces the New EM-6857 “Club” 20 MHz – 40 GHz Omni-Directional Antenna

Electro-Metrics is proud to introduce the EM-6857 ultra wide band, omni-directional, passive antenna. The EM-6857 performs over a frequency range from 20 MHz to 40 GHz and is the ideal antenna for TSCM and many SIGINT applications. The light 2.5 pound, 4 ½ inch diameter, 17 ½ inch long antenna reduces the number of antennas required to cover the spectrum and eliminates the need for batteries that a broadband active antenna would require. It is perfect for applications demanding rugged design and where size, weight and system configuration complexity must be kept to a minimum.

The exceptionally broad and consistent frequency response with nominal gains above 0 dBi from 200 MHz to 40 GHz, is the result of the continuing development of Electro-Metrics proprietary technology. It is also the ideal antenna to be used with the Electro-Metrics new 40 GHz EM-2140 block down converter, that extends the frequency range coverage of receivers limited to an upper frequency of 18 to 21 GHz. The EM-6857 is supplied with a white radome and a tripod-mounting bracket in its standard configuration. Available options include a color change to a flat black finish, and a vehicle “roof rack” mount.

Electro-Metrics designs antennas and related RF equipment used in numerous government and industrial applications including EMI, TSCM and SIGINT. An innovator in specialized antennas and kits, Electro-Metrics is the choice for optimal mission specific solutions. All Electro-Metrics products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

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A Dash of Maxwell’s: A Maxwell’s Equations Primer – Part Two

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