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EMC Related Formulas

Engineers were not meant to be caged in cubicles or meeting rooms, engineers were meant to calculate. Their pencil quick-draws are unmatched; their computing expertise unparalleled. These are the RF formulas that stir a primal craze of chest bumps and cheers, not polite half-smiles; the RF formulas of water cooler legend.

Understanding Preselection in EMI Receivers
Discover how preselection saves you time and money during EMI testing Learn about the importance of preselection during EMI testing. In this comprehensive application note, you will learn more about mixers and how they benefit your testing needs. You will also go in-depth around preselection: what is it? Why is it important? Most importantly, you [...]
Ten Reasons to Upgrade Your MIL-STD-461 Test Capabilities

The military is taking advantage of rapidly evolving commercial technologies and fielding them. While MIL-STD-EMC will continue to have requirements that differ and go beyond commercial standards in many areas, the ongoing evolution of the MIL-STD-461 standard has adopted some commercial EMC practices. Learn more with our new application note and get the knowledge needed to prepare your test scenario for potential upgrades.

Automotive Pulse Test Solution

A brief look at the need for automotive testing and how, now more than ever, proper application of the appropriate test is pivotal in providing safe operation of ground vehicles. We examine how to apply test equipment to achieve some of the highest specified field strengths required by automotive manufacturers’ specifications.

Hipot Testing of Military/Aerospace Interconnect Components

This paper provides an overview of how advanced-performance electrical safety testers address standards testing requirements for wire/cable/connector/harness/relay components in hi-reliability military and aerospace applications.

EMC Standards Overview

Read EMC Standards Overview to review some of the more common standards used across the industry.

Electrical Safety & Compliance Testing for Appliance & Consumer Product Manufacturers

View this white paper to learn how to streamline your compliance and safety testing for consumer products and appliances.

EMI Debugging with Oscilloscopes

EMI debugging including localizing intermittent failures can be frustrating without an appropriate strategy. Discover in this webinar the fundamentals of practical EMI/EMC design and troubleshooting of electronic circuits, using state-of-the-art scopes to analyze your signals in both the time and frequency domains.

A Dash of Maxwell’s: A Maxwell’s Equations Primer – Part One

Solving Maxwell’s Equations for real life situations, like predicting the RF emissions from a cell tower, requires more mathematical horsepower than any individual mind can muster.

A Dash of Maxwell’s: A Maxwell’s Equations Primer – Part Two

Maxwell’s Equations are eloquently simple yet excruciatingly complex.

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