Electric Doors May Open While Bus is in Motion

Bus out of serviceNew Flyer Industries Ltd. is recalling the following transit buses for safety concerns: 2013 C40LFR, XN35, 2014-2016 XD35, XD60, XDE40, 2015-2016 XD40, XDE60, 2014 XDE35, 2013-2015 XE40, 2013-2016 XN40, XN60, and 2014-2015 XT40, and XT60. The buses have an Electric Transit Operator controller that controls the bus door motor function which may have a software defect which can cause failure of the rear door guide roller linkage. As a result, the rear door can open unexpectedly while the bus in in motion, which poses an increased risk of injury for bus passengers. 

Programming for the electronic door control module (Electric Transit Operator or ETO) results in too much output torque being applied to the roller plate when door is in the full open position. Over time this excess pressure can result in cracking and eventual failure of the door roller plate. Once failed the roller plate can no longer control the desired position of the individual door panel.

NHTSA Safety Report

A total of 1,1897 buses are therefore being recalled. To repair the doors, New Flyer will notify owners, and dealers will install a firmware upgrade, and replace the roller bracket plates, free of charge.

Source: NHTSA | Photo by Atomic Taco

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