Electric Bowls Require Safety Labels in Singapore

singaporeAuthorities in Singapore are warning consumers not to use appliances that don’t carry safety marks. Spring Singapore, the national standards and accreditation body for consumer product safety, discovered several electric bowls for sale that did not follow proper safety guidelines. The electric bowls resemble electric woks and are used to fry, steam, or stew food. Three appliance companies—Nushi, T.M.D. and T.A.C—were fined and ordered to stop selling the bowls, which were not registered with Spring Singapore and did not carry safety seals.

Electric bowls are among the 45 categories of electrical and gas products that must be registered with Spring Singapore and be issued a safety mark before they can legally be sold in the marketplace. Retailers who sell unregistered products in Singapore could face thousands of dollars in fines and up to two years imprisonment.

Source: Spring Singapore | Straits Times| Image by J. Patrick Fischer