Elastimold® Shrink-FitTM Cable Joints from Thomas & Betts Make Cable Splicing Easier

The new Elastimold® Shrink-Fit™ Cable Joint from Thomas & Betts combines the convenience of pre-molded splicing with the range-taking versatility of cold-shrink methods into one, easy-to-install solution. The Elastimold® Shrink-Fit Cable Joint features a single-piece body that can be quickly installed using a self-ejecting plastic support core, which can be easily removed by hand.

The Elastimold® Shrink-Fit Cable Joint is made of high-quality, molded EPDM elastomer, offering the same high durability, quality and reliability of other Elastimold® molded rubber products. The Shrink-Fit method uses no ripcords and no heat, making installation fast, simple and safe.

The Elastimold® Shrink-Fit Cable Joint’s four-piece plastic support core reinforces the openings at both sides of the joint. To create a splice, insert the joint. After preparing and joining the cables together with a connector, according to the instructions, cut the strapping bands on the elastomer Shrink-Fit joint, and the joint will contour itself around the splice as it pushes the pieces of the plastic core out of both sides.

For more information about Thomas & Betts’ Elastimold® Shrink-Fit Cable Joint, visit www.tnb.com and look for Elastimold® on the “Brands” tab, or call (800) 816-7809.