Edmunds announces $1 million for auto fix

Automotive website www.Edmunds.com has announced that it will soon launch a contest to identify the cause of unintended acceleration in motor vehicles.

The prize?  A cool $1 million to anyone who can “demonstrate in a controlled environment a repeatable factor that will cause an unmodified new vehicle to accelerate suddenly and unexpectedly.”

According to a notice posted on the company’s web site on March 15th, Edmunds.com is currently drafting rules for the contest, and will post them on its website as they become available.

Edmunds says that “every car company” has received complaints from consumers regarding unintended acceleration, and that many incidents have not been fully addressed by product recalls.  Rather than more NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) investigations, “Isn’t it a time to try a different approach?” they ask.


Click here for more information about the Edmunds’ contest.