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Economical 3GHz RF Signal Generator Series

Saelig RF Signal GeneratorSaelig Company, Inc. (  has announced the availability of Rigol DSG800 RF Signal Generators, with output frequencies from 9kHz to 3.0GHz. They provide an economical RF signal source with a maximum output of +20dBm and frequency resolution of 0.01Hz at any frequency. Featuring very low SSB noise of -115dBc/Hz, they feature a highly stable internal clock (<2ppm standard, 5ppb optional) for creating high performance RF test signals. Operation is easy and intuitive, guided by the 3.5″ color LCD with its logically grouped controls.

The DSG800 RF Signal Generators provide conventional sweep functions (step, list, logarithmic, and linear) as well as analog modulation functions including amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation, and pulse modulation. In addition, the DSG800 series offers an optional pulse train generation capability for translating serial data on to an RF Link without needing additional hardware. The pulse train can be used as the modulating signal of pulse modulation and can also be output as an independent pulse generator. The DSG800 RF Signal Generators support external pulse modulation, but the internal pulse generator can produce baseband signals with adjustable cycle times and pulse widths. The DSG800 signal generators produce high quality pulse modulated signals with a rise/fall time of less than 10ns and an on/off ratio greater than 70dB. They feature a specially designed digital automatic level control circuit scheme that ensures the high precision and stability of the output signal. Frequency stability can reach 5ppb by choosing the high stable reference clock option.

The DSG800 signal generators also have full remote control capability for integration into Automated Test Environments (ATE). The common remote control commands are compatible with most other mainstream products. Test system integrators can build the DSG800s into their test fixtures and control these LXI-compliant RF signal generators using SCPI commands over USB and LAN.

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EMC & eMobility

For a company embarking on EMC testing for either component or vehicle-level testing of their EV products, it is necessary first to have a good understanding of the EMC regulatory situation.

Rigol’s DSG800 RF Signal Generators provide a clean and stable RF output with low phase noise and high amplitude accuracy, and offer all of the functions of other high-level RF signal generators but at much lower cost. Designed for electronics designers involved in wireless technology, Wi-Fi, electronics educators, EMC/EMI engineers, and amateur radio enthusiasts, the DSG800 Series is available now from Rigol’s technical distributor Saelig Co. Inc. Made by Rigol Technologies, a rapidly growing test and measurement company and the world’s second largest oscilloscope manufacturer by volume, the DSG800 Series is available now with a 3-year warranty from Saelig Company, Inc. 1-888-772-3544, via email:,or visit


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