Eco-friendly Electronics Thermal Test Systems

ECO-series-themal-test-system-300dpiAn environmentally friendly series of Temptronic® ThermoStream® temperature forcing systems that use one-third less energy with very low audible noise has been introduced by inTEST Thermal Solutions. The ECO Series temperature test systems operate on a low, 20-amp circuit and incorporate the company’s proprietary WhisperStream™ technology providing quiet, smooth-sounding operation at 56 dBA. The ECO Series is designed with the laboratory environment in mind where audible noise and heat dissipation are of concern.

The ECO Series features precise temperatures with fast transitions from -80 to 225°C for effective testing and conditioning of electronic components, boards, and modules. Systems are available for 50 and 60Hz operation. These portable systems are capable of ultra-low temperatures without the use of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) or Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2), making them ideal for any temperature test environment. Additionally, the systems provide remote communications and set up, touch screen operation, and a wide-reaching thermal head for easy positioning over the test device.

ECO systems complement the performance of the industry standard ATS ThermoStream® product line.

For more details see technical data ( or contact the factory +1.781.688.2300.

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