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Eaton Releases Two New Support Brackets for Commercial Construction Applications

Eaton Support Brackets | In Compliance Magazine

Power management company Eaton announced the release of two new box support brackets that help provide increased rigidity and labor savings. Designed to mount electrical or data outlet box(es) to a metal stud, the BB70/BB70E Box Support Brackets and the BB7-16/BB7-24 Open Box Mounting Brackets from Eaton’s B-Line business are among the strongest on the market, providing a lower total installed cost.

The newly designed box mounting brackets are easy to install and cover a range of box mounting applications. They are suited for use in commercial construction applications, such as healthcare facilities, schools hotels and government buildings.

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The BB70/BB70E Box Support Bracket supports most standard one and two gang U.S. and Canadian boxes with or without plaster rings on either side of the stud. This includes 4” square, 4 11/16” square and 5” square boxes. The bracket is compatible with the Rapid Ring™ self-adjusting pre-fab ring providing a lower total installed cost over standard plaster rings. It can also mount one and two gang standard and adjustable plaster rings with or without boxes attached. Additionally, the bracket features an interlocking wrap-around design that provides extra rigidity and allows the bracket to adjust to stud depths 2 ½ inches up to 6 inches, reducing the number of different parts required on the jobsite.

The BB7-16/BB7-24 open box mounting brackets support most U.S. and Canadian boxes, including 4-inch square, 4 11/16-inch square, 5-inch square, and multi-gang boxes.  The brackets are also compatible with Rapid Ring™ self-adjusting pre-fab ring, as well as adjustable and standard plaster rings. The open box support allows for adjustability of the box position between studs, 16 inches or 24 inches on-center. The bracket design also has features to allow field cutting to adjust to non-standard stud spacings. Both brackets are available factory assembled as part of the Ruff-INTM pre-fab line with box(es), plaster ring(s), and pre-wired devices.

To learn more about the wide range of products and solutions available from Eaton’s B-Line business, visit

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