Eastern OptX Introduces Series 7000 Multi-Radio Channel Replicator

Eastern OptX has announced the commercial availability of the Series 7000 Multi-Radio Channel Replicator. This multi-radio test system replicates the propagation path of real-world applications and brings realistic outdoor test ranges into the test laboratory while reducing – and in some cases – completely eliminating time-consuming and expensive outdoor testing.

The Series 7000 is used as a design aid and test tool for new modulation and encryption schemes.  It requires no priori information about signal waveform, frequency range, encryption, data range, power level, and frequency agility or modulation scheme unlike radio emulators that produce a waveform based on expected output for a given input.

The Series 7000 multi-radio test system allows users to test a variety of air interfaces using the same system without modification, and at the same time. Eastern OptX uses low-loss fiber optic cable to create the propagation delay associated with radio transmissions from 1 to 5000 MHz. Multiple radios can be connected to the network, allowing full duplex operation. Each radio may operate using a different or identical air interface. The delays between the radios can be variable or fixed. Optional amplitude control provides the appropriate propagation loss.

For more information on the Series 7000, contact Eastern OptX at sales@eastern-optx.com.