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Eastern OptX Announces Wireless Test System for Testing Multiple RF Radio Devices

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Eastern OptX introduced the Series 8000, a new test system that addresses the need to test multiple RF radios or wireless systems over different propagation paths, simultaneously. Radio signals are affected by many things—by impairments in their path and items they must pass through. Radio signal propagation is very important to anyone designing or operating a radio system. The properties of the path by which the radio signals will propagate will govern the level and quality of the received signal.

The Series 8000 is a multi-channel, bi-directional radio path replicator that allows full duplex operation for two or more radios over varying propagation paths and RF frequencies. It provides the path to true propagation performance for wireless systems.

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The propagation path reproduces the actual path between the transmitted signal and the received signal. Optional dynamic multipath is available for all systems. “Eastern OptX replicates the path of the signal by providing ‘ range’ in between the transmitter and receiver. By using fiber optic delay line technology, we are able to generate that  range,” said Jerry Lomurno, president, Eastern OptX. “When you test wireless signals through that range, it looks just the same—as if you were using the radios for their intended purpose in the real world. We can take that range, put it in a box, and put it in your laboratory.”

Propagation path replication will help system engineers and test equipment managers working with wireless radio, test equipment, radar systems, altimeters, and subsystems. For example, a customer may need to test and verify all the equipment purchased for a specific deployment, to make certain it’s working as specified. There may also be a situation where radiating signals outdoors is prohibited. Restrictions may also exist because of interference or other transmissions in that frequency range. An additional benefit is that all radiation is dispersed into the tool, and the secure transmission is verified through the tool.

Although there are a multitude of wireless standards with varying applications, the propagation path is common to all systems.  The Series 8000 product provides a format-agnostic RF interface that supports any and all wireless standards: 802.11, WiMAX, Bluetooth, GSM, LTE, LTE-A, etc. The Series 8000 multi-channel bi-directional radio propagation path replicator provides a “test solution in a box” that alleviates field-testing. The Series 8000 system will save time and money over traditional field-testing, eliminating regulatory and logistical limitations.

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