E-One Incorporated Recalls Fire Trucks for Fire and Crash Hazards

Fire truckE-One Incorporated is recalling model year 2014-2016 E-One Cyclone II and Typhoon vehicles equipped with certain Class 1 Es-Key power control modules manufactured by Hale Products. These fire and rescue trucks have a defective component that increases the risk of a fire and poses a crash hazard. A NHTSA safety recall report explains:

A safety related defect may exist with some ES-Key Systems utilizing the Supernode utility flash feature . . . The supernode output overcurrent protection normally acts as a fuse or ciruit breaker within the system. In the event of a short-circuit in a non-Hale component, the output overcurrent protection in the Supernode utility flash feature may not perform as expected. Should this condition occur, an short circuit to ground could cause current spikes in excess of wiring capacity making it possible than an accident or other damage/failure of connected equipment could allow wiring to overheat and fail.

The vehicles’ power control modules may not provide sufficient circuit protection depending on their combination of software and installation, possibly resulting in a short circuit. A short circuit could increase the risk of fire and it could damage components of the vehicle’s electrical system, for example, causing a loss of headlights. E-One will notify owners, and dealers will upgrade the software or retrofit fuses, free of charge.

Source: NHTSA | Photo by E-One

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