DSP Research Assists with Data Collection for New SAR technologies in Japan

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ART-Fi is pleased to announce that DSP Research, ART-Fi customer and leader in Japanese SAR certification, has agreed to participate in the collection of SAR measurement data produced by 100% vector measurement systems as a neutral third party. This data will be used by the MIC to help establish a benchmark for new SAR measurement technologies.

SAR refers to the electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the human body when using mobile phones and other wireless devices. Regulators limit the amount of SAR that a single phone or device can have. Until recently, SAR measurement for mobile devices consumed a tremendous amount of time and money to complete. New technologies greatly improve the speed of these measurements, but have not yet won regulatory acceptance from the Japanese MIC or other institutions around the world.

“It’s normal that when you do something new in a regulated industry, it takes time for everyone to figure out what is the best path moving forward,” Benoit Derat, CEO of ART-Fi remarked. He continued, “The collection of data to set benchmarks makes sense. With those results, we can have confidence in 100% vector measurement technologies. The question we had is who will collect that data?

When asked about the company’s participation, Nob Nakanishi of DSP Research said, “As a Conformity Assessment Body, we should do what we can to assist with benchmarking that may result in the utilization of more efficient technologies in SAR measurement. Efficient measurement technology plays a key role in our ultimate goal of ensuring people have access to devices with SAR limits within safe ranges as determined by the MIC.  If we are able to conclude that the test results from these new technologies are greater than or equal to those using those methods already in use for certification testing, then progress will be made for everyone involved.”

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