DMAS Extends Hybrid Absorber Range and Introduces Three New Microwave Absorbers

Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions (DMAS) has announced the extension of their hybrid absorber line with two new models. These hybrid absorbers are high performance, ultra wide band, carbon loaded polystyrene absorbers with an operating frequency from 30 MHz to 40 GHz. The HT hybrid absorbers are tuned for perfect performance over ferrite tiles in (semi) anechoic chamber applications.

The HT hybrid absorber series includes three different models:

  • HT25 (10”)
  • HT45 (18”)
  • HT65 (26”)

In addition to the hybrid absorber range, DMAS has also introduced polystyrene microwave absorbers for antenna measurement applications. These microwave absorbers are high performance, broad band, carbon loaded absorbers with an operating frequency from 70 MHz to 110 GHz. Due to the excellent performance at microwave frequencies, the MT series is well suited for Antenna Pattern Measurement (APM), Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR), Radar Cross Section (RCS) and Electronic Warfare (EW) anechoic chamber applications.

The MT microwave absorber series includes  three different models:

  • MT25 (10”)
  • MT45 (18”)
  • MT65 (26”)

The base plate dimensions of DMAS absorbers are 1200*600mm. All absorbers have a modular design of separate base plates and tapers. Upon customer request, the hybrid absorbers can be equipped with white end caps.

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