Discarded E-Waste Reused in Fashion

As we look for more ways to reduce electronic waste (E-waste) from electrical and electronic devices and components, a fashion designer in the United Kingdom has reportedly found a way to weave segments of discarded electrical wires into high-fashion dresses and accessories.

According to a posting earlier this year on the Intelligent Living website, the unique lace designs created by Alexandra Sipa, a recent graduate from London’s Central Saint Martins University, were inspired in part after her earphone wires broke several times. At one point, she started collecting discarded electrical wiring at construction sites and a local recycling center.

Then, Sipa began using the wires to weave intricate, lace-like materials that reflected traditional techniques from her home country of Romania. She used those materials to create a number of garments, including a dress, a vest, and a ruffled coat, as well as a handbag and several accessories.

In addition to using electronic waste in new ways, Sipa says that her designs can also point the way for the fashion industry to use upcycled waste in place of natural materials whose creation can have a disproportionate impact on the environment.

You can see pictures of some of Sipa’s innovative fashion designs using discarded electronic wires at the Intelligent Living website.

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