Digital Alert Systems Adds DASDEC Support for DM Engineering Switching Devices

Digital Alert Systems, a division of Monroe Electronics, announced an upgrade to its DASDEC™ series of flexible hardware/software emergency messaging platforms. In cooperation with DM Engineering, DASDEC systems now support the DM Engineering Multi-Station Relay Adapter (MSRA) and Multi-Station Relay Expander (MSRE) switching devices. These products are connected via a serial cable then simply configured from the DASDEC’s user interface, eliminating the need to completely rewire or replace the switching hardware when upgrading to DASDEC, saving a station time and money.

A DASDEC system using DAS MultiStation™ software to cover more than one program usually requires additional audio switching to operate effectively. The addition of the MSRA or MSRE product to this configuration makes it possible for a single DASDEC system to provide Emergency Alert System (EAS) information to more program streams, and do so with minimal wiring and — because the MSRA includes a built-in audio distribution amp — a minimum of additional products.

The upgrade will be available on a limited basis until the next full system release. The upgrade is free for DASDEC users who have installed a Plus Package or added MultiStation-2 or MultiStation-5 keys to their systems.

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