Company Introduces the Pmod NAV and Pmod JSTK2

Photo Source: Digi-Key

Photo Source: Digi-Key

The engineering team at Digi-Key has announced the arrival of the Pmod NAV and Pmod JSTK2 with applications to support their use. Digi-Key, recently recognized as Digilent’s Best Distributor of the Year for 2016, begins their introductory series with the Vice President of Applications Engineering discussing the project potential for each peripheral module.

After listing some of the impressive specs for the Pmod NAV, Restle explains that this module “can sense any kind of motion in a project that you have.” He mentions that the Pmod NAV is the perfect device for creating robotic end effectors, measuring when a project falls over, and collecting data on rising projects (such as a hot air balloon) where barometric data comes in handy. The Pmod JSTK2 is similarly reviewed and highly recommended for robotics and gaming projects.

For the Pmod NAV and Pmod JSTK2 each module is set up and programmed to run with popular microcontroller units (MCUs). Libraries for each demonstration are found online (some of which can also be found on the Digilent Wiki) and then the Pmods are connected. The first demonstration uses the Cerebot MX7CK (find a replacement with the Basys MX3) to display all of the information pulled from the Pmod NAV. What is even better is that the engineer created a comprehensive text file that breaks down the code line-by-line to help viewers replicate this project. The detailed text file makes future coding projects easier by helping programmers find what line of code the Pmod NAV information is pulling from, as well as the function being used.

Source: Digi-Key

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