Desco Launches Statfree B2™ 2-Layer Vinyl Material in New Green Color

Desco Statfree B2™ Green Mat Material is a 0.060″ thick, heat-fused 2-layer, dissipative vinyl material. It is designed to provide a path to ground and eliminate static charge generation when used as a worksurface table mat, shelf liner, or cart liner.  The surface resistance (1 x 106 to < 1 x 109 ohms Rtt) of the green top layer meets the ANSI/ESD S20.20 worksurface required limit and the recommendation of ANSI/ESD S4.1 for contact with ESD susceptible items.  The conductive (< 1 x 105 Rtt) bottom black layer reduces the resistance to ground (Rtg) from the top of the surface to the groundable point ground and allows the mats to be used with ESD continuous monitors.

Green Statfree B2™ is available in 50’ Rolls, Mat Kits that include a ground cord, and Tray Liners cut tio fit 16” x 24” cafeteria-style trays.

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