Definitive Guide for DO-160G Section 16.0: Power Input

A Technical White Paper for Airborne Equipment Power Input Testing

Section 16.0 of DO-160G establishes criteria for evaluating equipment operability when exposed to normal, abnormal, and emergency power conditions on aircraft power systems. Written by renowned expert Jeff Viel, Chief Electrical Engineer at NTS, this white paper provides technical details for each test specification in Section 16.0, including Voltage Modulation (AC), Frequency Modulation (AC), Momentary Power Interruption, DC Equipment with Digital Circuitry, Normal Surge Voltages, Abnormal Surge Voltages, Normal and Abnormal Frequency Transients (AC), Total Harmonic Distortion (AC), Engine Starting Under Voltage (DC), Exposed Voltage Decay Time (DC), and Regenerated Energy (DC).

  • Gain technical insights from a renowned industry expert
  • Understand the test procedures and standards for power input testing
  • Learn more about DO-160G, Section 16.0: Power Input

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