Defective Fire Alarm Panels Can Fail to Detect Fire, Smoke or CO

Gamewell-FCI is recalling 1,000 units of fire alarm panels because of a defect that prevents them from working properly. When they are configured in a certain way, the panels can become non-responsive and connected detectors in the area can fail to detect and respond to an alarm.

This recall includes the ILI-MB-E3 and ILI-S-E3 Gamewell-FCI fire alarm panels, which are installed in commercial buildings. They were manufactured in the United States and sold at authorized distributors from May 2015 through August 2015 for about $800. The issue is limited to a specific configuration of Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) devices, and only occurs under certain circumstances. No incidents or injuries have been reported. Gamewell-FCI will repair the recalled fire alarm panels with a free firmware upgrade.

Source: CPSC

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