Dayton T. Brown Inc. Offers FARO 3D Laser Scanning Services

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. has announced the enhancement of their inspection and reverse engineering capabilities with the acquisition of a portable FARO Arm CMM with integrated laser scanner. This adds additional capabilities to their existing hi accuracy fixed CMM’s present in the temperature controlled dimensional laboratory.

With this world’s most innovative measurement arm, Dayton T. Brown, Inc. can now perform unparalleled part/object 3d scanning and non-contact measurements quickly and accurately.

Experts in the reverse engineering lab will use this FARO Edge arm to:

• Calculate geometric, dimensions and tolerances (GD and T) measurements and compare complex geometry, surfaces, and feature positions to nominal data and verify the object’s conformance to the specifications 

• Compare part measurements of an object to the CAD model to determine real-time deviations from the design, saving precious time and significant cost to customers

• Perform 3D Reverse Engineering by Digitizing a part or object to create its fully surfaced 3d model prototype.

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