Custom-Designed Filter Assures Standards Compliance of Excelsys Xsolo and XF MIL COTS Power Supplies

Custom-Designed Filter for power supplies | In Compliance Magazine

Excelsys Technologies announced that the company’s recently released Xsolo and XF power supplies can now be paired with a custom-designed power line filter to meet stringent conducted emission standards. Excelsys and Astrodyne-LCR teamed up to create the filter, LCR Model F19374, which was designed specifically to bring the complete Excelsys XF Modular Power Supply Platform and the Excelsys Xsolo Platform into compliance with both MIL-STD 461 F-CE101 (30 Hz to 10 kHz) and MIL-STD 461 F-CE102 (10 kHz to 10 MHz) conducted emissions under various loads.

“Systems integrators typically must test and select power line filters to deal with stringent power supply emission regulations,” said Kevin Parmenter, Excelsys’ North American Applications Engineering Vice President. “This can often require multiple iterations before achieving the required results. By now offering a power line filter that has been tailored to operate with our MIL COTS power supplies for improved conducted-emission capability, they will be able to develop products that meet all their requirements, even in the most demanding applications.”

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