Current Probes From Saelig Offer Accurate Measurements To 1 mA/div

SaeligSaelig Company, Inc. has announced the availability of the CP030A (50MHz) and CP031A (100MHz) high sensitivity current probes from Teledyne LeCroy. Providing sensitivity down to 1 mA/div, users can now measure currents from milliamps right up to a peak current of 50 amps, all with the same probe. This represents ten times the sensitivity of previous models and allows for more precise low-current measurements on most Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes. When used with Teledyne LeCroy’s 12-bit resolution HDO high definition oscilloscopes, users can obtain highly accurate, low-current waveforms for improved debug and analysis capabilities. 

The CP030A (50MHz) and CP031A (100MHz)  probes expand the capabilities of Teledyne LeCroy current measurement products to additional applications by providing the ability to measure and analyze very low-current waveforms. The probe’s small jaws are designed to measure currents even in tight spaces, clamping onto conductors up to 5 mm in diameter.

Many current probes require external power supplies or amplifiers to display a waveform on an oscilloscope screen, but the CP030A and CP031A probes connect directly to Teledyne LeCroy’s oscilloscopes through a built-in front-panel ProBus interface, thus requiring no additional external hardware. This connection allows communication between the current probe and the scope, resulting in current waveforms that are automatically displayed on screen in ‘Amps’, and calculated power traces scaled correctly in ‘Watts’. This full integration also allows for degauss and autozero functions to be accomplished directly from the oscilloscope’s user interface.

Teledyne LeCroy current probes are available in a variety of models for a wide range of applications. The full range of current probes includes models with bandwidths up to 100 MHz, peak currents up to 700 A and sensitivities to 1 mA/div. Teledyne LeCroy current probes are often used in applications such as the design and test of switching power supplies, motor drives, electric vehicles, and uninterruptible power supplies.

The CP030A and CP031A probes are available now from Teledyne LeCroy’s authorized North American distributor Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY.  For more information, visit Saelig online.

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