CTIA Approves First Test System Supplier

OTA_ChamberETS-Lindgren has become the first approved test system supplier for CTIA, and has been involved with the new Over-the Air (OTA) test requirements since the first adaptation of the CTIA Over-the-Air test plan. In 2002, this supplier manufactured the world’s first CTIA approved test laboratory (CATL).  In 2016, CTIA introduced a next generation Over-the-Air test plan for Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) devices.  ETS-Lindgren was the first and only supplier able to provide a system level solution to conduct MIMO Over-the-Air measurements in accordance with the CTIA Test Plan for 2×2 downlink MIMO and transmit Diversity Over-the-Air-Performance, Version 1.1.

ETS-Lindgren’s MIMO Over-the-Air antenna test system – including the multi-probe anechoic test chamber, related components and EMQuest™ software – are all part of the CTIA-authorized test system. As part of the CTIA approval process, full system level evaluation was conducted that included the measurement instrumentation as well.  Their MIMO Over-the-Air test system was approved with various different instrumentation combinations.



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