CSZ Introduces Next Generation EZT-570S Controller


Enhanced Features for Simplified Programming of Environmental Test Chambers

EZT-570SCincinnati Sub-Zero’s (CSZ) new EZT-570S touch screen controller is designed with an improved interface and added functionality for ease of use. The controller, which utilizes smart-phone technology, allows users to choose to navigate their environmental chambers with icon-based navigation like a smart phone or with windows-based drop down navigation similar to previous CSZ controllers.

Bob Nelson, Vice President & GM, said, “We understand our customer’s needs for the latest technology in environmental chamber control. The EZT-570S is designed with technology in mind and aims to simplify programming and save valuable

All features are built into the controller interface so no additional software or internet is required for access to all the features the controller has to offer. From the home screen users can now manually control, run or stop a profile and view a
snapshot of current activity like actual/setpoint values, alarm, datalogging, profile, security, IP address information and more. The home screen is also customizable to view up to five loops at one time.

Additional Features Include:

  • Communications
    o Control the chamber remotely from your PC, smartphone or tablet using LAN/VNC.
    o Alarm notification system sends email and/or text messages in the event of a chamber alarm,
    saving valuable tests while reducing downtime.
  • Profiling
    o Program an unlimited number of profiles with up to 99 steps and 100 cycles.
    o Ramp steps may be programmed by entering time or degrees C/minute.
  • Data Logging
    o Configurable log interval, data file length, file name and an unlimited number of operator notes
    may be saved to the data file.
    o Easily download profiles and more using USB or email from controller in a compatible .csv file
    format for ease of use.

Learn more about the EZT-570S.

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