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CST Releases CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition

CST student editionComputer Simulation Technology (CST) announces the release of CST STUDIO SUITE® – Student Edition, a special free version of its flagship electromagnetic simulation package designed to help the engineers of tomorrow to get to grips with the basics of electromagnetic theory, at IMS 2015, booth #3244.

For students of physics and electrical engineering, learning electromagnetic theory means spending hours studying textbooks to understand how fields behave, but often the only visual confirmation of the theory is a blip on the screen of an oscilloscope or a spectrum analyzer. CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition allows students to not only learn about electromagnetic phenomena and their applications, but also to visualize them in an intuitive 3D way. In addition, fully parameterized models allow students to easily adjust the settings of the problem and perform virtual experiments to investigate field behavior interactively.

CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition contains the versatile high-frequency time domain and frequency domain solvers as well as the static and thermal solvers, and is supported by a set of online examples showing how classic textbook problems can be solved with simulation. The software can be incorporated into the coursework for a class, but the online examples mean that it can also be used by individual students for independent extracurricular learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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EMC & eMobility

For a company embarking on EMC testing for either component or vehicle-level testing of their EV products, it is necessary first to have a good understanding of the EMC regulatory situation.

CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition has some limitations to prevent commercial use (mesh cell count is limited, and productivity features such as optimization, scripting and CAD import are not available), but includes the full intuitive modeling interface, material library and field visualization features. For more demanding educational applications that go beyond what can be done in CST STUDIO SUITE – Student Edition, universities can get discounted classroom and educational licenses for CST STUDIO SUITE.

“The future will be designed by the students of today,” said Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director at CST. “By giving young starters in engineering and science free access to some of the world’s most advanced EM simulation tools, we want to help them to get the best possible start in education and to prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.”

CST STUDIO SUITE® – Student Edition is now available for download, and can be collected on DVD at the CST IMS booth, #3244. For the full CST academic program, see

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