CST Acquires IdemWorks

HandshakeComputer Simulation Technology AG (CST) CST, which develops software for electromagnetic field simulation, has announced the acquisition of IdemWorks, an academic spin off company that provides of modeling tools and services. CST’s Studio Suite software will be complemented by IdEM, a tool that provides accurate, proven, passive and causal broadband computational models that can be used in any circuit simulation environment for reliable transient and AC analyses.

Engineers who specialize in Signal/Power Integrity and EMC verification in Digital, RF and Mixed/Signal design will now be able to enjoy integration of the platforms that CST and IdemWorks both provide. “IdemWorks products are recognized worldwide as the best-in-class solution available on the market to solve challenging modeling problems. We feel that the technology is a very good extension of our simulation capabilities and look forward to working with the team,” said Dr. Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, CST.

Source: CST

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