Crestron Leaders Look to the Future

More than 40 years ago, Founder George Feldstein followed a passion and vision to create a technology company that would aim to be the best at everything it did. Driven by his passion for engineering and his commitment to innovation, Crestron has become a world leader in automation, control and management systems. 

Crestron is a global company spanning every corner of the world with 91 offices, thousands of employees, and millions of customers.  But despite the growth and success, Crestron remains true to its roots and Mr. Feldstein’s original vision: to be the best at what it does, and to always remain a family company.

As Chairman of Crestron, Mr. Feldstein continues to supply the passion that has made Crestron a leader in the industry, while empowering his top executives to help drive Crestron’s growth toward its next 40 years of success and beyond.

Randy Klein Named President and CEO

Mr. Feldstein has named Randy Klein President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Randy has been in the AV and technology industry throughout his professional career, and a member of the Crestron family for 25 years. “Crestron is my life and my passion,” Randy says. “Moving forward, I see nothing but opportunity for Crestron and I look forward to continued growth and success.”

Dan Feldstein Named Vice Chairman and COO

Additionally, Mr. Feldstein has named Dan Feldstein Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer (COO). Dan has been with Crestron for over 20 years. With a background in computer engineering, Dan spent the first eight years of his Crestron career in R&D, playing a role in designing a number of the technologies we use today. Since then, he has been working directly with Mr. Feldstein to manage many of the company’s operations.

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