CPSC Warns Consumers (Again!) About Defective Hoverboards

In the aftermath of a March 2017 fire that claimed the life of two young girls, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is urging consumers to discontinue use of a self-balancing scooter model imported from China.

In an early May press release, the CPSC asks consumers to immediately cease their use of the LayZ Board brand hoverboard, manufactured in Shenzhen, China. The agency’s action follows an investigation which tracked the source of the house fire in Harrisburg, PA to a hoverboard that overheated during routine charging. A firefighter on his way to the scene was also reportedly killed in a traffic accident.

The CPSC says that more than 3000 units of the LayZ Board brand were imported into the U.S. The agency considers all hoverboards that are not in compliance with all applicable voluntary safety standards to be defective, and subject to recall or seizure at their point of importation.

Read the CPSC’s press release.

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