Congress Introduces Bill to Eliminate Amateur Radio Private Land Use Restrictions

The U.S. House of Representatives is considering legislation that would modify regulations that currently restrict amateur radio operators from installing or operating antennas on their own property.

According to a post on the ARRL website, H.R. 9670 would “eliminate private land use restrictions that prohibit, restrict, or impair the ability of an Amateur Radio Operator from operating and installing amateur station antennas on property subject to the control of the Amateur Radio Operator.”

FCC regulations implemented in the late 1990s currently preempt private land for exterior communications facilities and equipment that could impair television broadcast signals or other licensed transmissions.

The bill was introduced in the House just before Christmas by Congressman Bill Johnson (OH-6). Previous attempts filed with the FCC by the ARRL (the National Association of Amateur Radio) to overturn the restriction were rejected, with the FCC stating that “such relief would have to come from Congress.”

Read the complete text of the ARRL posting about the recently introduced bill to lift land use restrictions on amateur radio operators.

Read the text of H.R. 9670.

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