CONEC Develops High-Frequency D-Subminiature EMI Filter Connectors

CONEC, a manufacturer of high-quality connectors, has developed a series of EMI-filtered connectors that provide near linear performance up to 1GHz and beyond. The EMI-filtered D-subminiature connector series features a proprietary ceramic planar that provides a higher linear performance with better insertion loss.

“As more and more electronics become portable there are more and more sources of electromagnetic energy, and frequencies have climbed beyond 1GHz. Therefore, the standard filter solution is no longer an ideal solution,” said Fred Kozlof, technical support specialist for CONEC. “In order to provide a solution for all of these issues, CONEC has developed EMI-filtered D-sub connectors that are competitively priced with the ‘chip cap’ types.”


“Traditional filter connectors that function from 100 to 300MHz, as well as on-board filter capacitors, cannot provide the same level of insertion loss, conserved board space, or reduced components count as these new EMI-filtered connectors. Additionally, this new series is tamper-resistant and shielded,” Kozlof continued.

CONEC EMI-Filtered D-subminiature connectors are available in standard sizes of 9 thru 50 positions and in solder cup, straight PC tail, right-angle PCB (in all 3 standard footprints), and ‘male-female’ adapter termination styles. These connectors are also available in non-magnetic styles for medical applications such as MRI machines and in high-density versions in sizes 15 thru 78. The connectors are also available sealed for an IP67 rating for harsh environment applications.

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