Conductive Elastomer Sheets from Leader Tech

The advantages using conductive elastomer gaskets are well known in the electronics manufacturing industry. A few of the benefits include a large selection of materials that deliver excellent Shielding Effectiveness (up to 110 dB) while standing up to harsh environmental conditions.

To improve on the versatility of this shielding material, Leader Tech offers its complete line of conductive elastomers in sheet form. This gives manufacturers the ability to cost-effectively create limitless shapes and custom die-cut gaskets for virtually any application requirement.

TECHSIL conductive elastomer sheets are offered in 16 different formulations and several standard sizes including 10” x 10”, 10” x 15” and 10 x 20”. Multiple thicknesses can also be specified between .020” and .125”. Additionally, Leader Tech’s onsite formulation, testing and manufacturing capabilities allow customers to create a completely custom product with few restrictions on size, thickness or performance parameters.

To learn more, download the complete product line catalog: