Compliance West Introduces Surge Tester with Enhanced Efficiency and Critical Ability to Meet New Industry Requirements for Medical Device Manufacturers

Compliance West has announced the introduction of its Megapulse D5-P:2011 V2, an upgraded version of its surge tester designed to meet and exceed new industry requirements in IEC 60601-2-25:2011 and -27:2011.

Compliance West’s D5-P: 2011 V2 saves time and enhances productivity within the lab environment through a number of enhanced product features. The new tester offers a quick and efficient direct readout of energy, which has historically required lab personnel to manually capture the pulse via an oscilloscope and then perform math functions on the data received, before repeating the process ten times over.

In addition to its compliance with the defib-proof and energy reduction tests contained in new stringent industry requirements, the notable features of the D5-P: 2011 V2 include: instantaneous energy measurement in joules; an integrated circuit evaluator (pass/fail reference) that verifies that the instrument and setup are correct before tests are undertaken; dynamic accuracy of the resistor bank (within +/- 1% for over 80 cycles delivered at 20 second intervals continuously; and computer control of pulse program (32 bit Windows only).

Expanded features for Megapulse D5-P:2011 V2 include:

  • External interlock disables HV output and defeats test when circuit is open
  • Long life capacitor rated for 2.5 million pulses
  • Microcontroller technologies
  • Front panel indicates internal high voltage and polarity
  • Output voltage and polarity are controlled manually on front panel
  • Ergonomically designed for safety, speed and efficiency
  • Cables, manual and calibration certificate included
  • Optional integrated sine wave 20Vp-p
  • One year calibration cycle & one year warranty

For more information, please contact Jeff Lind at or 619-878-9696.