Company to Pay $35k in Connection with the Marketing of Drone Transmitters

An on-line retailer has settled charges with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it marketed non-compliant audio/video (AV) transmitters intended for use with unmanned aircraft systems (otherwise known as drones).

Under the terms of an Order issued by the Commission, the retailer, Horizon Hobby, LLC, has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $35,000 to resolve the FCC’s investigation into the company’s marketing of the non-compliant transmitters. The company reportedly stopped marketing the transmitters following its receipt last December of a Letter of Inquiry from the FCC, which notified them of the potential violation.

In June of this year, the Commission proposed a nearly $3 million financial penalty for similar violations of its rules against another retailer, HobbyKing USA. In that case, the FCC had determined that the company marketed at least 65 different models of audio/video transmitters intended for use with drones, including three transmitter models that operated at power levels significantly higher than the 1000mW limit established under FCC rules.

Read the complete text of the Commission’s Order in connection with Horizon Hobby.

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