Company Streamlines GaN SSPA Range, Introducing 400W and 900W X-Band Models

Photo source: Diamond Microwave

Photo source: Diamond Microwave

Diamond Microwave, has announced the streamlining of its range of compact microwave GaN-based pulsed solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) onto two common platforms, along with the introduction of new X-band 400W and 900W ‘smart’ PA models.

The flagship DM-X400-02 is a smart X-band SSPA that offers power levels in excess of 400W over a 1600MHz bandwidth – and approaching 500W over 750MHz – with pulse widths up to 100µs and duty cycles up to 15%. Built on the same platform as this amplifier are the new 200W model (DM-X200-01) and the DM-X1K0-03 GaN PA, which comprises two DM-X400-02 models combined externally with a low-loss combiner to provide in excess of 900W across a 5% bandwidth.

The 900W model is an assembly that can be provided in two alternative form factors – either with the amplifiers arranged edge-to-edge or with a common heatsink sandwiched between the pair. Each amplifier is phase matched to optimise the power combining. An N-type output connector is fitted as standard, but waveguide can be offered as an option.

Smart control and monitoring functions – forward and reverse power in the output path, temperature, duty cycle and operating current – are accessed via an Ethernet port, with self-protection and alarms activated if a default or user-set threshold is crossed for RF power, temperature, duty cycle or current, rapidly detecting, for instance, if an antenna is faulty, if a PSU has failed or if thermal management has failed.

A second, simpler, common platform has been adopted for the 100W models at X- and Ku-band and its broadband 2.0GHz – 6.0GHz amplifiers. This smaller format is ideal for applications that do not require the sophisticated Ethernet monitoring provided by the smart platform.

Source: Diamond Microwave

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