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Company recalls counterfeit circuit breakers

Miami Breaker, Inc. of Miami, FL has announced the recall of about 43,600 counterfeit Square D-brand circuit breakers.  The recalled circuit breakers, which were imported by General Breakers and Panels, Inc., also of Miami, have been determined to be counterfeit by Square D.

Miami Breaker says that the recalled circuit breakers, labeled “Square D” or “SQD,” can fail to trip when they are overloaded, posing a fire hazard to consumers.  The company notes that it has not received any reports of incidents or injuries associated with the use of the breakers, but has initiated the recall to prevent possible future incidents.

The counterfeit circuit breakers were sold through electrical product distributors and wholesalers nationwide from March 2005 through July 2006.  Single pole breakers were sold for between $3 and $4, while double pole breakers were sold for between $8 and $9.

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Read more information about the recall of counterfeit Square D circuit breakers.




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