Company has a Bold Vision for IoT Leadership in PLM: Acquires Highly Rated IoT Platform


Photo Source: Altair

Photo Source: Altair

Altair has acquired Carriots S.L, an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company from Madrid, Spain founded in 2011. The company is the developer of Carriots®, a complete IoT application enablement platform (AEP) to rapidly connect and manage devices, collect and analyze data, and build intelligent applications together with enterprise business systems.

 “Combining  Altair’s software suites with Carriots’ solutions the IoT will provide our customers with the complete stack of technology they need to create, simulate and manage their new connected products over complete lifecycles,” says Miguel Castillo founder of Carriots.

This new platform offers customers the freedom to choose their own hardware or infrastructure provider, tailor and build custom applications, integrate with third party solutions and corporate IT systems or on-board devices directly to the acquired company as a turn-key Platform-as-a-Service offering. Key advantages of the Carriots platform are the speed of deployment and scalability for broad use cases ranging from smart cities, energy, and agriculture to consumer products and logistics.

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