Company Acquires Leading Automotive Component Testing Company


Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. has announced that it has acquired D&V Electronics, an Ontario, Canada-based company and will operate as an independent testing company. D&V is a supplier of testing equipment for the alternator and starter industry worldwide.

D&V Electronics designs and manufactures leading edge test equipment for performance, endurance and production testing of electric motors, inverters and belt starter generators for the EV/HEV industry.

Motorcar Parts of America’s investment will provide D&V the opportunity to grow its existing business and develop new investigative tools for use by technology developers and manufacturers of vehicle electrification products.

“The acquisition of D&V Electronics enhances Motorcar Parts of America’s ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and industry leadership.  D&V Electronics’ innovative engineering team and world-renowned customer base along with its advanced technology provide a platform to test alternators and starters, as well as the increasing electrification of vehicles and their components.  We look forward to supporting D&V Electronics to enhance its significant research and development capabilities and expand its market position and product portfolio to capitalize on future growth opportunities,” said Selwyn Joffe, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Motorcar Parts of America, Inc.

Source: Motorcar Parts of America, Inc.

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