Compact FMAB NEO Reaches New Heights with Symmetrical Attenuation

SCHURTER is expanding its portfolio of block filters for single-phase systems, with its new FMAB NEO series. This single-phase filter is extremely compact, considering its highly effective symmetrical attenuation in the lower frequency range. The filter performance is achieved through the use of large X capacitors.

Symmetrical interferences commonly occur in switch-mode power supplies or motor drives at low frequencies. The IC’s in these systems generate interference currents, between the phase conductor and the neutral conductor, when switching frequency. The large X capacitors in the FMAB NEO filters, which are positioned between the phase and neutral conductors, effectively reduce these symmetrical interferences.

The new FMAB NEO filter series has a polished steel housing. Screws are used to secure the filter flange to the enclosure. The screw mount flange, together with a completely enclosed steel base, provides the most effective shield, regardless of where the filter is mounted in the equipment. Terminations are made using quick connect 6.3 x 0.8 mm terminals (1- 20 A), or nut and bolt terminals (30 A ). A version with wire connection is also available.

The FMAB NEO is offered in current ratings from 1 A to 30 A at 250 VAC according to IEC and UL standards, and carries ENEC and cURus approvals. Examples of equipment with ICs that generate high symmetrical interference include professional coffee machines, equipment with water heaters, and industrial applications in general. The compact filters are also available with M80 low leakage current (<80 μA), and M5 version without leakage current (<5 μA) for medical equipment according to IEC/UL60601-1. The filters are also suited for use in datacom equipment according to IEC 60950, as well as household appliances. Pricing starts at $13.00 each per 100 pieces. The data sheet and additional information are available at:


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