Commission seeks comment on frequency bands

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is seeking information and comments on spectrum frequency bands that have been identified for the possible future use by wireless broadband services.

According to a Public Notice issued in March 2011, the Commission is seeking public comments on whether and to what extent several specific bands could be made available for broadband deployment.  The spectrum under consideration includes the following frequency bands:

1695-1710 MHz—Currently used for downloads from certain weather satellites administered by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for weather forecasting, storm tracking and hazard warnings.

3550-3650 MHz—Currently allocated to the radiolocation and aeronautical radionavigation services on a primary basis for Federal use and to the radiolocation service on a secondary basis for non-Federal use.

1755-1850 MHz—Currently assigned to the fixed, mobile and space operation services on a primary basis and used by the Department of Defense, Federal law enforcement agencies and others for satellite, surveillance, aeronautical and fixed microwave operations.

4200-4220 and 4380-4400 MHz—Currently used worldwide for radio altimeters in aircraft.

Comments are due to the Commission by April 22, 2011.  View the Commission’s Public Notice on spectrum frequency bands.