Commission Publishes Best Practices for Accommodating Cognitive Disabilities

As part of its ongoing effort to make advanced communications technologies available to all Americans, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released a white paper addressing the unique requirements of individuals dealing with cognitive disabilities.

Published in October 2016, the FCC’s white paper, entitled “Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities: Barriers to and Solutions for Accessible Information and Communication Technologies,” identifies the typical barriers faced by people with cognitive disabilities and summarizes current U.S. regulations applicable to manufacturers of technology devices and equipment. The white paper then provides a detailed list of potential solutions that can be integrated into current and future device designs to improve accessibility.

According to the FCC, nearly 30 million Americans deal with some form of cognitive disability that impairs their ability to use available communications technologies, thereby limiting their access to the modern information society.

Read the FCC’s white paper on accessibility challenges and best practices for equipment manufacturers.

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