Commission Issues Temporary Waiver Order Regarding Caller ID

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued an emergency temporary waiver that will allow telecommunications carriers that service Jewish Community Centers throughout the U.S to provide caller ID information to law enforcement agencies.

The unprecedented action comes in the wake of numerous bomb threats and other harassing phone calls made to Jewish Community Centers around the country. Under the terms of the Temporary Waiver Order issued on March 3rd, the Commission has granted telecommunications carriers the right to provide authorities with relevant calling party number (CPN) information, even when a privacy request has been made by the caller.

“This agency must and will do whatever it can to combat the recent wave of both bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers,” noted FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in a separate statement. “I am pleased that we are taking quick action to address this issue and hope that this waiver will help Jewish Community Centers, telecommunications carriers, and law enforcement agencies to access the caller-ID information of threatening and harassing callers.”

The FCC’s waiver incorporates a number of safeguards and other conditions to protect and secure any private information obtained under the terms of the waiver. The Commission has also issued a separate Public Notice seeking comment on a permanent extension of the temporary waiver.

Read the text of the FCC’s Temporary Waiver Order.

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