Commission Declines to Issue Forfeiture Penalties

090720-1100314In a highly unusual move, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has determined that no forfeiture penalties are due from ten wireless service providers that the Commission had previously determined to be in violation of its rules regarding hearing-aid compatible handset deployment.

In 2011, the Commission issued Notices of Apparent Liability against the wireless carriers for failing to offer consumers the requisite number of hearing-aid compatible handsets, proposing specific financial forfeiture penalties in each case. The Notices of Apparent Liability were based on information contained in mandatory filings submitted to the FCC by the carriers in January 2011 covering activity in 2010.

However, each of the ten wireless providers appealed the Commission’s initial determination, averring that the documentation submitted to the FCC supported their claims of compliance with the FCC’s hearing-aid compatibility requirements. Upon further review, the Commission determined that the carriers were indeed in compliance during the period in question, and that no forfeiture penalties should be imposed.

Read the complete text of the Commission’s Order regarding penalties from ten wireless service providers.

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