Clairon Selects Averna for Testing In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Averna has announced that Clarion, a global manufacturer and seller of car navigation systems and in-vehicle equipment with a focus on car audio systems, has selected Averna’s Record & Playback solution to validate upcoming in-vehicle entertainment systems and certify that the devices perform well in real-world conditions.

The R&D Division, Experiment and Evaluation Team at Clarion will use Averna’s R&P platform to record radio signals such as AM, FM, HD Radio, and DAB from key locations around the world and replay them in the Tokyo-based lab where the design team is located.

The R&P platform selected by Clarion features:

• RP-5100, a compact 2-channel RF recorder designed to record live RF signals in the field

• URT-5000, a software-defined RF Player and Signal Generator

• RF Studio, high-performance RF record-and-playback software for RF product designers and researchers to facilitate recording, analysis and storage of RF signals

• DriveView plug-in for synchronized recording/viewing of video, audio, and GPS positioning data

The Averna RP-5100 RF Recorder is specifically designed to capture real-world RF signals, with impairments, for navigation as well as broadcast radio and video receiver validation, testing and support. The system has two 20-MHz wide channels that can be tuned on any frequencies from 250 kHz to 2.65 GHz. To address the challenges of validating the RF response with the physical environment, Averna has developed DriveView, a plug-in for the proprietary RF Studio software, offering visual verification by video-recording drive tests.

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