Chroma Introduces Six-in-One Electrical Safety Analyzer

Chroma’s 19032 series combines Hipot, Insulation Resistance (IR), Ground Bond (GB), Leakage Current (LC)/AC LC/DC LC, and Dynamic Function Tests. The six-in-one instrument provides savings up to 50% of production line space, by not requiring several safety test instruments. The 19032 series is able to increase the efficiency of electrical safety testing during manufacturing and reducing associated labor costs.

The instruments features Twin-Port™ technology for simultaneous Ground Bond and Hipot testing, and reduces the safety test time by eliminating potential bottlenecks in the production line. The 19032 series can be used in a variety of applications for quality assurance sampling inspection, manufacturing testing, and development validation.

  • Additional features of the 19032 series include:
  • AC/DC/IR/GB/LC/Dynamic Function – six instruments in one
  • Function test up to 20
  • Programmable voltage output and limit value
  • OSC open/short check
  • Flashover detection
  • Human protection circuit
  • Multi-scan device support dynamic leakage current test
  • Standard RS232 interface
  • Optional GPIB interface
  • Large LCD pane
  • Front panel lockout function
  • Support PC software

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