Chomerics Introduces New Line of EMI Shielding Gaskets

Chomerics, a Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, has introduced a new line of EMI gasket materials, developed specifically for high performance in adverse environments common to aerospace, automotive and telecommunication applications.  CHO-SEAL 6502 and 6503, nickel-plated aluminum particle (Ni/Al) filled silicone and fluorosilicone elastomers offer excellent initial and long-term shielding effectiveness after exposure to both high and low humidity and temperature cycles, as well as salt/fog environments.

Developed in response to customer demand for improved EMI gaskets and long-term reliability, these new materials are offered in a variety of forms to meet customer requirements.  They are available in molded and extruded product forms as well as a silicone, thermally cured, robotically dispensed and a form-in-place version, CHO-FORM 5560.  This new filler technology performs especially well when used against aluminum flanges with either MIL-C-5541 trivalent or hexavalent, Class 1A or Class 3 chromate conversion treatment.  The Ni/Al particles reduce the aluminum flange galvanic corrosion activity by a factor of two.  This enhanced long-term reliability permits designers to utilize the CHO-Seal 6502 and 6503 EMI shielded flange designs without the need for expensive flange treatments or secondary, outboard, environment sealing gaskets. These new products can enhance reliability, reduce field service problems, and lower warrantee costs for equipment manufacturers.