ChipScan-ESA 3.0 Software for Measurements with a Spectrum Analyzer

ChipScan-ESA 3.0 Software for Measurements with a Spectrum Analyzer | In Compliance MagazineThe ChipScan-ESA analysis software from Langer EMV-Technik GmbH has been designed for the clear and comparable recording of a spectrum analyzer’s measurement curves. It allows the user to visualize measuring curves quickly and interactively, perform complex analyses and export the curves easily.

ChipScan-ESA has been tailored to suit the needs of the development process. The developer is particularly interested in pre- and post-measurements during the EMC optimization of the device under test. Since the ChipScan-ESA software enables an easy comparison of several measurement curves, the developer can assess EMC measures taken in the device under test efficiently and quickly.

The ChipScan-ESA software has been custom-developed for measurements in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). EMC emissions from a device under test can be analyzed using the ESA1 emissions development system from Langer EMV-Technik GmbH. ESA1 has been designed for the developer’s workplace. The ChipScan-ESA software allows the developer to record the type and properties of any number of near-field emission measurements and compare the curves quickly and easily.

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