China Proposes to Restrict Some Amateur Radio Spectrum Allocations

China is reportedly considering regulatory action that would eliminate access to some portions of spectrum currently used by amateur radio operators in that country.

According to a posting on the website of the ARRL, China’s telecommunications regulator has proposed amendments to its current regulations applicable to amateur radio stations that could prohibit amateur operation over a number of frequencies. Reportedly, bands identified for future restricted access include the 2200-meter band, the 146-148 MHz, 1260-1300 MHz, 3400-3500 MHz and 5650-5725 MHz bands, and all bands above 10 GHz.

The ARRL posting cites Alan Kung, CEO of the Chinese Amateur Satellite Group (CAMSAT), who says that it is unlikely that all of the proposed bands will ultimately be restricted. However, Kung concedes that the climate for amateur radio operators in China will “undoubtedly become increasing more dangerous.”

Read the posting on the ARRL website about China’s proposed actions against current amateur radio spectrum allocations.

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