Challenges of Power Quality Addressed at 77th IEC General Meeting Open Session

Earlier this week in New Delhi, India, international leaders in electrotechnical standardization along with top academics and industry heads met to address the challenges of maintaining a reliable, high quality power supply during a special open session at the 77th IEC General Meeting.

Attendees of the open session heard how insufficient power quality is not only disruptive to those who experience it, but it is also very costly to economies, company and individuals. Industry sectors that are most susceptible to power disturbances are those that directly rely on electronics, digital and on-line processes.

 A study conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in 2001 estimated the impact of power outages on the US economy up to $164 billion a year and up to $24 billion for power quality phenomena (surges and sags in voltage, transients and harmonics).

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